Weddings and parties

Wedding is fun, joy. Let this evening will be the biggest joy of the bride and groom, their parents and invited guests. For you we will rise to the heights of our ability, to make it so. Beautiful, classic ballroom, fitted decorations, culinary caressing palate, clean and tidy, efficient, and subtle service, natural surroundings, many additional attractions, comfort in every way.
We took care of what you think is not necessarily and it'll be appreciate during weddings-that the whole area is fenced parking enough for all cars, we have an effective ventilation and air conditioning, bathrooms are always clean and fragrant, the lighting is adjusted to the time of day, you always have an alternative for power failure or water.
We have prepared a fascinating wedding packages and a variety of attractions - choose what you want. Contact us in order to check the availability of the ballroom in interesting to you time. Take a look at the ballroom and hotel, we offer advice, support and experience.
We invite you to entrust us organizing any family celebrations, for example christenings, communion, birthday, name day, anniversary, halfway point, prom, wake after the funeral. We always strive for perfection, the bigger challenge and more difficult project – then more passion in our work. At each event we have aspirations to guests were satisfied. We welcome all new customers, and it's a honor for us if our existing customers come back to us to give in our hands the organization of next events. So it’s the way we understand the quality of our work and philosophy of what we do.

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